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Cambodian Body Wave

Virgin Hair Extensions | Cambodian Virgin Hair | Body Wave £39.99

£39.99 GBP

Length in Inches


Product Description

  • Big Bouncy Curls
  • 100g per bundle
  • Machine Wefted
  • Natural Colour (Dark Brown/Black 1B)
  • All Cuticles aligned in one direction
More Information



Cambodian hair is very popular for its high density and thickness whilst also being unusually smooth. Achieving a glamorous look with Cambodian hair is easy with its naturally big and bouncy curls. The hair strands are thick so blending with relaxed hair and straightened natural hair is a breeze. A perfect balance of softness and thickness with a high density to make styling easy.


Black with natural shades of medium brown and a healthy shine. Excellent volume and thickness right after a wash. Curl pattern lasts for several days even without heat styling. Scroll down for photos of customers wearing our Cambodian hair.


Cambodian Hair is a style in its own right. These large and luscious waves take heat styling very well and will maintain straight and wavy styles for several days.  


Blends very well with relaxed hair. May be problematic for the natural hair sisters. 


Very low maintenance - maintains styles for several days reducing the need to repeat each morning.

Final Recommendations:

Gorgeous high quality hair for those with little time. 


Delivery Info


Standard Delivery - 3 to 5 working days - £3.99

Next Day Delivery -Tracked - Order before 2pm -  £5.99 



Standard Delivery - 5  working days - Tracked - £10.00 

Express Delivery - 3 working days - Tracked - £20.00



Standard Delivery - £9.99 - 7 to 10 working days

Express Delivery - £20.00 - 3 to 5 days - Tracked



Standard Delivery - £10.00 - 7 to 14 working days

Express Delivery - £20.00 - 5 to 7 Working days - Tracked


Care Guide

General Care

Keep virgin hair moisturised with a light spray and a tiny amount of argan oil each day. You can make your own moisturiser by mixing hair conditioner, argan oil and lots of water in a spray bottle. Wash gently every 10 to 14 days with a mix of 80% conditioner and 20% shampoo. Remember to trim the ends once every few months as split ends can travel up the rest of the hair and cause damage. This is especially important after your second and third installs. Never use bristly brushes or elastic bands to style your hair.


Curly Virgin Hair 

Avoid brushing or combing curly or wavy hair when it is dry, spray generously with a moisturiser first, leave for 2 minutes to settle in then begin to gently comb out with fingers first. Finish off with a widetooth comb - avoid brushes. Comb hair from the ends and work your way up. Plait or twist and then wrap in a scarf when going to sleep to prevent drying and rubbing against the pillow, ensure the scarf is not wrapped too tight to prevent flattening.


Night Time Care 

Always tie and wrap your hair away when sleeping as friction with the pillow causes matting and dullness. Detangle and comb through with a wide tooth comb before tieing the hair away. Make sure to spray a light moisturiser on the hair each night then add a tiny amount of olive oil or argan oil to the ends as the ends are the most fragile. Damaged or split ends can travel up the hair shaft and reduce the lifespan of your bundles. 


Things to avoid

  • Excessive use of hot curling irons (once a week is enough)
  • Sleeping with virgin hair rubbing against the pillow 
  • Harsh products and shampoos e.g. alcohol based hair sprays 
  • Harsh tools e.g. bristle brushes (always use a wide tooth comb) 

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