Cambodian Body Wave

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Cambodian hair is the best quality hair you are going to come across anywhere, our loyal customers love this hair for its beautiful texture, long lasting durability, resistance to damage and effortless styling. The quality of virgin hair is heavily influenced by the age of its donor and we take special care to ensure our Cambodian hair is donated by young, healthy donors in their mid 20s. Cambodian hair has been a favourite amongst ou
r most loyal customers since 2015 and is highly recommended for bleaching and colouring. 


Quick Summary

  • 100g bundle with strands of varying lengths 
  • True to length - measured from weft to tip of strands 
  • Natural Donor Colour - Dark Brown/Black (very slight variations)
  • Very Hygienic - washed, conditioned, steam treated and irradiated. 

Appearance, styling and maintenance


Cambodian hair is very popular for its high density and thickness whilst also being unusually smooth. Achieving a glamorous look with Cambodian hair is easy with its naturally big and bouncy curls. The hair strands are thick so blending with relaxed hair and straightened natural hair is a breeze. A perfect balance of softness and thickness with a high density to make styling easy. Cambodian Hair is a style in its own right. These large and luscious waves take heat styling very well and will maintain straight and wavy styles for several days.  

Our Cambodian hair is loved most for its gorgeous healthy shine, full body and flowing movement. This hair can withstand the regular use of heat tools and is highly recommended for bleaching and colouring. This hair can be bleached and recoloured multiple times and still give great shine and body. 


Our Cambodian hair has a smooth texture, thick strands, high density and its ability to blends seamlessly with straightened natural hair or relaxed hair. This is the go to hair for customers who like to play with a bit of colour or love some volume. Cambodian hair has a deep dark brown colour blends perfectly with natural black hair which is typically deep brown in appearance. Cambodian hair has a great shine without looking artificial, this feature stays with the hair after several installs. 

You can confidently use heat tools to achieve complete straightness, long lasting curls or any style you wish. Our Cambodian hair responds very well to heat tools due to our selection process, it can maintain styles for long periods of time (without damage. *heat protection tools still highly recommended*. Curls are expected to last 4 days with a curling wand. Quick to straighten at medium/high heat, you only need to run the straightener through it once and you're done.

Cambodian Virgin hair is low maintenance and looks its best when kept moisturised with a daily moisturising spray as a minimum. For best results condition regularly to keep the cuticles soft and smooth. Wrapping hair away when going to sleep is always highly recommended.


Our donors - the key to quality and durability

We ensure our Cambodian hair is supplied by young donors, this means the hair cuticle is thicker and has a higher level of protection over the hair shaft. Essentially, hair that grows from a younger scalp is more long lasting and durable than hair from older donors. Human hair donors can range from ages 16 to 60+. This has a massive impact on the quality of virgin hair. Our Cambodian hair is supplied by donors in their mid 20s. On average, virgin hair of average quality would be supplied by donors in their 50s. Although this is still virgin hair, the cuticles lining and protecting the hair from damage are weaker than average. This is the best quality hair by the youngest donors.

Our process

All our virgin hair bundles are made from loose human hair brushed flat, ensuring the cuticles are aligned in one direction and the hair is of varying lengths to make a natural looking bundle with no lumps, bumps or irregularities. 


Hygiene is of great importance to us, we ensure hair is only taken from donors with health scalps. Once hair has been donated it is washed and conditioned thoroughly in 3 stages with disinfectants. The hair is then steamed under his pressure and temperatures to ensure absolutely no transfer of microorganisms.  Once dried All our bundles are irradiated to ensure no living cells are present on the hair. This process allows us to provide clean hair that has not been damaged with harsh chemicals and no strong smell. 

Packaging & Delivery 

We aim to provide Next Day Delivery to our UK customers, and a wide range of our stock is available for this. If an item is not available for next day delivery it will be delivered within 3 to 5 days. We supply either a sturdy gift box with each order or a handy reusable tote bag. Presently you can not choose what type of packaging you receive. For our USA/EU customers, delivery can be made in 3 to 5 days but please contact us if you have any concerns. We are available via Instagram @noxuhair or Whatsapp. 

Returns & Refunds 

We are very confident you will enjoy your products once you receive them. But if we fall short of your expectations for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our returns policy lasts for 14 days for all items in original packaging. 

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