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Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Curly Virgin Hair Extensions

Posted on 25 September 2016

Don’t you find it frustrating when you shell out a decent amount of money to get a new curly weave and in a couple of months it ends up looking like it just survived the Third World War?Investing in good quality extension is only part of the journey. You have to put concise effort into ensuring your weaves serve you for a long time. Just because that weave you got comes with a two year guarantee doesn’t mean you shouldn't take care of it. If you just got a new curly hair extension, here are some guidelines on how to care for it.

Finger Combing

Rather than brushing your curly extension, run your fingers through the curls to detangle it. Brushing curly weaves when dry will cause it to frizz out and get damaged. A wide tooth comb should be used to comb it when wet as the curls will be retained this way.

Condition the Right Way

Hold up ladies! Don’t go wild on that conditioner. Conditioning your hair extension will add some shine, and gloss to it. However, submerging your hair extension in too much conditioner or any other kind of hair treatment will only leave it looking limp and dingy. Dirt will accumulate faster on hairs that are over conditioned so always follow the principle “less is more” when conditioning your hair. The right amount of conditioner will leave your hair extension looking good, shiny, and soft. Curly kinky weaves which tends to be drier than other texture of weaves will require good amount of conditioner. A good moisturizing or hydrating conditioner should be used for this texture of hair.


Wash Gently

Will you carry your natural hair for weeks without washing it? If the answer is no, then there is no need to leave your hair extensions unwashed. Though you may not need to wash hair extensions as frequently as you do your natural hair, hair extensions still need to be washed occasionally. When washing your extensions, use a shampoo and a wide tooth comb to carry out the process. Be gentle when washing and treat your extensions as you will treat your natural hair. Avoid using a brush to brush your curly weaves when wet. This might affect the curls in the hair. Always opt for a wide tooth comb or use your fingers to detangle.

Air Dry your Extensions

Most professional hair stylists suggest air drying for hair extensions as too much heat damages the hair in the long run. After washing your extensions, allow them to dry naturally before using them. Using a hair dryer on curly weaves will cause them to frizz and dry. If you want your weaves to serve you, air drying is the better alternative.

Store Them Well

When you hair extensions are not in use, how do you store them? The way you handle your hair extensions matter a lot. When they are not in use, wash them and store in a Ziploc bag. Apply some light essence spray to your weave before storing so the next time you are ready to use it, it will be soft, curly, and tangle free.

Water Based Silicone Serum For that Shine

Want to retain some glow and shine in your curly weave? Apply some water based serum after washing and before air drying. Only a small quantity should be applied as too much leave the hair limp.

Straighten Once in a While

Curly weaves have already undergone certain procedures to give them their unique look and style. Using so much Heat styling tools to straighten these kinds of hair out is only putting undue pressure on the hair. Limit straightening your curly weaves to once a month. If you can, avoid straightening them altogether.

Heat Protectant Serums are A Must

Too much heat leaves your Virgin hair extensions damaged and worn out. When styling with heat, it is important to use heat protectant serums. For those who plan to straighten their curly weaves after some period of use, invest in a good heat protectant serum.

Ask a Stylist When Confused

With all the numerous conditioners, shampoos, moisturizers, and hair care products available today, it is easy to get confused on the ideal product suitable for your hair . In the case of confusion, ask a stylist for opinions. You can get free hair care tips and the best product recommendation.

Have Complicated Processes Done by A Professional.

It is easy to get carried away with YouTube videos available on the net. There are so many tutorials showing you how to cut, bleach, and straighten curly virgin hair extensions yourself. Although these videos look easy to follow and appear to be cost effective, always have a professional stylist cut, bleach, or curl your virgin hair. You do not want to end up with a “DIY gone horribly wrong” on your hands. If you spend a considerable amount of money getting virgin hair extensions then do not try to cut corners when it comes to maintaining them.

Alcohol Based Products are a NO

Alcohol based products are drying and using them on your weaves will do nothing but dry them out and make them shed. There are a lot of inexpensive non alcohol based products that will work well for your virgin hair extensions.



General Tips For Making Curly Hair Extensions Last Longer

Now that you’ve learnt how to care for your curly hair extensions, here are some basic tips to keep at the back of your mind in order to have your weaves last long


  • After washing your curly hair, spray little amounts of leave in conditioner or curl activator. A good quality curly hair like this will retain its curls even after washing. Do not go overboard with hair treatments.
  • Avoid rubbing one section of the hair against another as this will cause breakage of hair cuticle.
  • If you have previously straightened your curly hair, wash with shampoo and conditioner to restore its curls. Keep in mind that only virgin curly hair extensions can be straightened. Do not attempt to straighten synthetic hair extensions using a hair straightener.
  • When using a blow dryer on your curly hair extensions, use a low heat setting. It has been earlier established that too much heat damages hair extensions.
  • Deep condition your extensions at least 4 times a month. Do not over condition as it will be counterproductive.



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