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Does Weave Damage Your Hair?

Posted on 30 December 2016

Weave is often used as a protective style because it actually helps with length retention meaning your natural hair grows longer and healthier whilst hidden away. However, if you're making some of the mistakes listed below you won't have much hair left to sew your tracks on to. 

It's too tight 

You need to have a serious word with your stylist if having your tracks put in causes pain or brings tears to your eyes. If you find yourself begging people to not make you laugh for fear of your face pulling on your scalp - you have a problem. Most people will wait the 2-3 days it takes for the pain to go away but I guarantee you by that time the damage has been done. Wave goodbye to your edges - you won't notice the damage immediately but it's there. Tight weaves cause excessive breakage and traction alopecia.

Leaving it in too long

Getting a good stylist to put in your weave can be really expensive and getting a cheap stylist has its risks. Getting a new install every 5 to 6 weeks although recommended can be damaging to your pockets. But, do it anyway! Your hair will love you for it. Leaving your weave in too long prevents you from giving your scalp the good clean it needs to continue growing your beautiful healthy hair underneath. Your hair can also become excessively dry and brittle. 

Synthetic Hair 

Okay, I can admit to being a bit biased as I'm running a virgin hair company but...synthetic can damage your real hair especially if used for a prolonged time. It robs your real hair and edges of its natural moisture causing it to become dry and brittle. Human hair would work better with your real hair as it behaves in a similar way when dealing with moisture. I understand that synthetic hair is cheaper but human hair is definitely better when it comes to preventing damage to your real hair. 

Excessive heat and styling on your leave-out 

You want your leave out to be as slick as your weave, it makes sense. An obvious leave out that doesn't blend in texture or colour is embarrassing. But, the problem is with the weave not your hair. If you have to slick 200degress through your hair every morning, dye it light brown in order to blend, i've got bad news for you. Your best best is to buy hair that matches your own in colour and texture as much as possible. If anything needs to change, it's the hair. For example you can try buying Kinky straight hair extensions instead of bone straight to create a more natural blend with your relaxed hair or blown out natural hair. 

Using Glue

I don't think anyone does this anymore but don't use any bonding glue in your hair. Never, nope nope nope, don't do it. Case closed. 

Injured scalp 

If your scalp is injured you might want to wait a while. Your scalp can be damaged from excessive scratching, combing, burning from heat or chemical processes. Make sure your scalp is healed before putting anything in. If not, worst case scenario is you get an infection that you fail to notice causing you to become ill or for the damage on your scalp to become worse. This can cause hair to fall out. Sorry to scare ya! 


For most of you i've probably just stated the obvious but if you've learnt anything or you have any more questions please leave a comment below.

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