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The Malaysian Sew In Method

Posted on 12 November 2015

Over the next couple of days we're going to be going over the pros and cons of various weaving techniques that are available. With so many choices out there, suitable for all hair types, it's hard for me to understand why so many stick to the old fashion braided track sew in (Not that there is anything wrong with this method) but there are others that you can explore for a more versatile look. The first one we're going to be talking about seems to be the hottest look in the city right now, and by city I mean NYC. I was able to talk to some of my stylist friends who have been applying the Malaysian method for a few years now and they highly recommend it. We'll get to the potential good and bad scenarios about this method in a minute but for right now, let's go over what it is and how to get it.

The Malaysian method is a sew in method that uses silicon bands as the anchor for wefted weaves. The process is fairly simple but should only be applied by a professional.

1. Have your hair shampooed and conditioned. I always recommend a deep conditioner treatment when transitioning to a major style.

2. The hair should be blown out and brushed. The stylist will part your hair, beginning at the nape and straighten your hair with a flat iron to get a smooth flat surface.

3. Your hair will be separated into small sections held together by the silicon bands.

4. The bands are tightened with a pair of special pliers

5. Additional bands are placed to bring two small sections of already separated and banded hair together. (This will provide additional surface area for sewing and it will relieve the tension that a single band would place on the hair).

6. The weave is now sewn over the prepared section of hair

7. This process is repeated until reaching the crown of the head.

8. At the crown a closure may be used but this method usually calls for leaving out a small section of your own hair..

Depending on the experience of your stylist, this method can be considerably quicker than a traditional sew in. It will last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks and will give you the flattest most undetectable look out of all the methods currently available.


So what are the pros and cons?

Cons:  This method runs on the more expensive side, starting at $500 it can go up to $2000. For a look that only last 3 months, the price makes it difficult to justify this as a go to method for women who wear weaves year round. Although there are women who do make this their primary method. Make sure your stylist is properly trained on this technique and ask for references. A poorly done application can induce bald spots.

Really pulling this look off requires that you have some length. While I have seen this method successfully applied on women with hair length under an inch, it's really meant to be a blended look. If you're not planning on putting the hair up in pony tails or up-dos, then it's great for anyone. If you are planning on using this look for versatility with your style, at least six inches of hair is recommended. This look is best for relaxed hair and not recommended for use on natural hair.

Pros: It is the flattest and most natural looking of the styles currently available. It also allows your scalp to breathe better while allowing you to reach your own hair during washes and treatments for better maintenance. This look really has some great perks, like high ponies, pompadours, side sweeps and anything else you can imagine!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. This is one that you may want to try on your next trip to the salon,  if you really like being able to style your hair comfortably in various ways, this may be the method for you.

If you try this out, or if you've already done this, drop us a line, we want to hear from you, tell us all about your experience and what you think! Peace and love you guys. XOXO




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