Get Your Hair Ready for Winter!

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Posted on March 03 2018

Get Your Hair Ready for Winter!

The weather outside is frightful, but your hair is so delightful, protect it before it snows, make it grow, make it grow, make it grow!!!

It's almost that time of year again, time for hair drying, frizz inducing, split end causing havoc. A few simple steps can help keep your hair safe and you looking hot as the temperature stays cold!

Wear a Protective Style!

One of the best full-time winter solutions you can explore are protective styles like braids, twists and weaves. You want to keep your ends covered as much as possible. Having your hair constantly rubbing on winter fabrics does a ton of damage that you can prevent by keeping it neatly tucked away.

People don't always think of weaves as protective, but they absolutely give your hair a much needed winter break and an easy to maintain look for all the holiday parties and work events that come up this time of year. I prefer a weave over braids in the winter because I like my scalp covered. I leave as little exposure as possible. You may also want to pick a look that allows for a full closure of your hair as opposed to leaving any hair out. This is an opportune time to keep your hair deeply moisturized and take a chemical break. If you're worried about flexibility, especially with parting your hair, ask your stylist if they know how to install a lace front closure. You can part the hair in various places and include a bang that can be pinned back for a fabulous up-do or pompadour.


Invest in Silk / Satin Lined Hats!

Keep an eye out for silk lined hats while you're out shopping for your winter wardrobe. You find them in surprising places. I already found a cute furry flapper hat with satin lining and I have a collection of beanies from last winter. DO NOT cover your head with woolen knits or other harsh fabrics. It's okay to use cashmere or silk knits if you cannot find lined hats.

These hats are great for a number of reasons. They prevent frizz, protect your moisture and your style all while acting as an additional barrier to the cold. They also come in some amazing styles that you can't miss. This is a tip that you want to pass along to all your friends and family. Nothing makes me cringe more in the winter than seeing a fellow sister pack a heavy fabric or polyester lined hat over her flawless locks. It's just asking for trouble. This is well worth the investment in your hair.

Get a Humidifier!

This is a tip that makes women go WHHAAAATTTT!!! But you absolutely want to invest in a humidifier and this is a tip that benefits so much more than your hair. It's good for dry skin and great for your breathing. During the winter months heating the house or apartment often dries up the air. A humidifier returns some of that lost moisture into your atmosphere and also keeps the room warmer longer. If you don't want to sleep with a humidifier on, be sure to add a steamer to your hair regimen. You can get one online or ask your stylist for a treatment. This will get your deep conditioning treatment in even deeper and  revitalize your hair through those drab months.


Remember, it's all about protection. Seasonal changes bring unique challenges to our hair so it's better to be proactive and ready than reactive and sorry. (It's also cheaper in the long run to protect your hair than to try and undue or hide damage). Much love to you all.

Did we miss anything, do you have a special winter regimen that you do, tell us about it! We love to hear from you.



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