4 Steps For a Healthy Scalp

Joy Liasu

Posted on March 03 2018

4 Steps For a Healthy Scalp
You may have read our article about tips that would make your hair grow longer. However, there is one factor that we often ignore when it comes to longer hair – our scalp! Longer hair also requires a healthy scalp. Here are some ways you can ensure the health of your scalp:

Eat Well

You must have heard the old adage you are what you eat. In your scalp’s case, that is completely true! Since it is highly possible that vegans will be missing out some proteins, they can supplement their diet with it, along with iron, for healthy scalps. If your scalp is dry, then adding omega-3 and fish oils to your diet may solve that problem.

Treat Well

When premenstrual, hair specialists advise to pass on getting certain hair treatments. This includes perming, relaxers, as well as, hair color. Instead schedule these services during your non-PMS weeks. The reason behind doing this is that during PMS, we are more prone to bruising since we become more vascular. Another thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to a healthy scalp, pH matters. Deeply condition your hair 24 hours before a visit to the salon to ensure that the pH is optimal.

Exfoliate Well

You know about exfoliation of your face but the thing is that even your scalp would love a good scrub! To get rid of the dead skin cells, spoon in some sugar into your shampoo. Work the mixture in with your fingers – not fingernails.

Condition Well

Many of us feel that a conditioner clogs pores or weighs down the finer hair. However, a conditioner behaves in the same for your scalp as a moisturizer does for your face! Both need hydration. Adding a drop or two of oil into your conditioner will pack the moisture in for longer!

We hope you liked these easy tips towards a healthy scalp. Let us know what you thought of them in the comments section below!

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